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Workshop Fees and Travel Costs

Statement Of Facts:

Most schools request our services due to the fact that children aquire more knowledge from a workshop than visiting a Temple.  A BHS workshop also helps to avoid high coach hire costs, time consuming pupil letters, risk assesments and other logisitics involved in bringing pupils to a Temple.  We will guarantee your establishment the lowest costs along with highest quality presentations and are prepared to fit in as much as possible within your school budget.  However, it may not be possible if your budget cannot cover our basic travel and hotel expenses.



Service Charges

  • Primary schools are charged at the rate of £49 per hour for primary, secondary and special needs schools.   If the duration of  a visit is 3 hours or under, the rate will be £65 per hour.  A special rate of £45 per hour is applied for a meditation workshop.


  • Travel is calculated at 55p per mile unless over 250 mile round trip whereby it may be reduced to 45p per mile or less if over a 400 mile round trip.


  • If your school is in excess of 270 children, we can offer you a double booking for two days or more and the extra days will be discounted by 15% with no extra travel charge, only an overnight accommodation cost will be applicable.


  • Add £25 for an extra Assembly or Mock Wedding which requires an extra 40 minute  set up.


  • Add £35  Extra Set Up Charge if you want more than one Display or R.E. subject in a day.


  • INSET and ITT £399 to £599 per day plus £5 per person for an information pack.


  • Diwali and other 'Seasonal Discounts' are applied to workshops for a limited time only.



                                                                           Important Information


Note On Fee Calculation:

The day is calculated from the time we arrive at your school to sign in, unload the boxes and set up the four display areas plus packing away,  loading up and signing out for the day.   A whole day will generally start at 8am and end between 4.00 to 4.30pm.



If the booking date is over 12 weeks prior to the workshop date, we will require a 20% holding deposit to secure the date.  Due to circumstances beyond control, sometimes schools have to cancel the workshop with short notice and it will not be possible for us to offer that day to another school.



Cancellation Fee:

In the unlikely event of a school cancelling a booking within 12 working days of the worshop date, a standard £50 fee will be applicable in order to compensate non refundable hotel charges.


Low Average Cost For Two Presenters:

Fun Learning always provide a male and female teacher so you get twice the value for your school.  A typical whole day workshop costs anything from £340 to £470 plus travel and a half day averages from  £195  to £275 plus travel depending on whether we have a promotion offer on at the time of your booking.  


Travel Costs:

Travel costs are subject to the location and proximity to a school we have visited prior or just after your chosen date.  We are mainly based in the West Midlands area which is central to most of the UK schools and calculate travel to you from there.  Occasionly, if and when we are utilizing one of our five extended base locations in Milton Keynes, Stroud, Manchester, Bothwell (in Scotland) and Enniskillen in Ireland near to the date(s) you choose, we will calculate travel from one of those locations.  We always do our best to arrange your booking so that we are within a closer proximity to you, thus keeping costs to minimum.


Special Concessions:

In the event of genuine hardship, we can try to work out a better rate to compensate your school budget.  As we always work on a very tight budget, we are restricted to how much we can do to help.  However, we are commited to visiting every school requesting our specialised services and will endeavour to meet your budget restraints to the best of our ability.


No Hidden Extras:

Overnight accomodation such as hotels, B&Bs and sundry expenses are included within our general charges.  All fees include VAT.


Our priority is to visit all types of schools in UK, Ireland and other countries, therefore our service charges are set up so that we are 'affordable for you'.  We offer seasonal promotions and ccassionaly concessions may be applied depending on the circumstances.   Most schools are satisfied with our rates and rarely ask for reductions as they often comment that they are getting much more than they expected.



Most schools find it easier to budget having us come in and present the subjects rather than hire transport and arrange excursions to Temples and Gurdwaras.   Schools generally prefer us to visit because we are specifically set up to present the subject academically and culturally.

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