Buddhism Hinduism and Sikhism Workshop
Buddhism Hinduism and Sikhism Workshop 

Diwali, Wesak & Vaisakhi Workshops

Autumn Term Bookings - Diwali Festival:

Autumn term workshops for children of all ages up to 6th form are going to be incredible this year.  Sessions will be enhanced by the new paraphernalias we've added to our stock of artefacts and costumes.  Already dates are booked from September to December, so don't miss out and book your Diwali workshop today!


Diwali Discount Offer:

If you book a Diwali workshop before the end of the November 9th, you can use the voucher code below to claim your 20% discount.  This year Diwali fell on October 19th 2017 and the date was already been booked by a school in Shropshire, so hurry and book your preferred date now!  





             Multiple R.E. Displays

  Diwali Dressup

Wesak - Buddha Day Workshops


Buddhism workshops celebrating the festival of Wesak is presented during the next Summer term 2018.  Lord Buddha's message of peace is taught during the presentation with emphasis on his concern that animals be treated with kindness and the need for empathy toward all beings. Book a Buddhism workshop by the end of Summer term July 21st and get a 20% discount!  This offer will be reduced to 15% during the Summer holidays.





Claim 25% discount off Spring workshops such as Holi, Vaisakhi and Wesak.

Use voucher code: HOSAK18


Sikh Vaisakhi Workshops


The Sikh Vaisakhi festival falls on April 14th 2018 and it is always a lively event! Our Sikh workshops are appreciated by pupils and teaching staff alike.  The arefacts and costumes are second to none. Real Sikh swords or kirpans are used along with other paraphernalias. Book your 2018 Sikhism workshop during this Summer term and claim your 20% discount.  

Discount code for Vaisakhi is HOSAK18


Workshop Capacity

Our Fun learning accommodates up to 300 children per day and can extend to 400 with shorter sessions.  We will be delighted to visit your establishment, so go ahead and join the multitudes of teachers, pupils and students throughout the UK, Ireland, Belguim, Holland, Sweden and Germany who have already enjoyed our workshops.  If you have a few minutes, read some of their interesting testimonials.


Our work moto is "What we learn with pleasure we will never forget."  (Charles Mercier 1851-1919).    It has been a pleasure and a joy serving you in the 2016/17 terms, we hope to see you again in 2017/18.


Best wishes,

Kavita Prema - Course Tutor.


On a tight budget this year?  Can't afford the coach to visit a Temple, Church or Gurudwara?

Do you have all the risk assessments, coach hire, parent letters and tricky logistics to deal with?

Why not have us come to your school and cut costs by over 50% and say goodbye to all the headaches, letter writing and time consuming risk assessments!  

DIWALI Festival of Lights 

WESAK Buddha Day and 

 are popular celebrations 

 in Autumn and Spring.   Visit Our Buddhism For Schools Website Now...

 "Discovering The Oneness

       Of Purpose Within

           All Religions"

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