Buddhism Hinduism and Sikhism Workshop
Buddhism Hinduism and Sikhism Workshop 

      The Festival of Lights - Diwali Utsab

Diwali workshops, celebrated in the Autumn term are filled with activities that are celebrated during this joyous festival.  Dance, drama, music, rangoli, diyas and stories of the incarnation of Vishnu in form of Prince Rama and his beautiful wife Princess Sita. Children enjoy dressing up as the ten headed demoniac King Ravana and the heroic monkey Hanuman who was a member of a special race of beings called 'kim purushas'. Kim purusha literally means 'like a human' and this extinct species of monkey-like humans were said to be common 1.8 million years ago at the time of Ram and Sita.  This story is taken from the ancient book called Shree Ramayan which was written by the Vedic sage Valmiki Muni.



 Holi - Vaisakhi - Wesak - Diwali Festivals

During the 2018 Spring and Summer terms we are presenting action packed festival workshops, plus our ever popular Hindu Mock Weddings, Indian Musical Instruments and Henna Art workshops.  Below are a list of festival based subjects we are presenting with emphasis on Diwali in the Autumn.  You can use our On-Line Booking Form to book an amazing day for your school.  



      The Festival of Colours - Holi Utsab

The Holi (Hooli) festival of colours is an important festival which is celebrated by Hindu and Non Hindu alike.  Unlike the traditional festival where people gather in large groups and throw coloured powder on each other amidst music and dance, we depict the enact the story of Prahlad and Holika with costumes and engage the children in dance and music along with other traditional activities.  This saves a lot of cleaning up afterwards, so there's no need to worry about your hall or classroom being inundated with every colour of the rainbow!




    The Festival of Spring - Vaisakhi Utsab

The Sikh Vaisakhi festival celebrates the harvest festival and Punjabi new year which is also the day the Sikh Khalsa was established.  The Sikh men are called Singh or lion and the women are called Kaur meaning princess. 


This exciting workshop invloves the children dressing up as Sikhs and Kaurs whereby they enjoy wearing a Darhi (beard) and Muncha  (moustache) with the Sikh Dastaan  or  turban.  One child stands behind the holy Sikh book called Shree Guru Granth Sahib.whilst another child fans the book with a Yak tail whisk (Chori).  Other children dress up as some of the Sikh Gurus and enact a famous staory for the rest of the class.  It's a great workshop!


     The Festival Of Wesak - Buddha Day

The Wesak (Vesak) workshop celebrates the birthday of Buddha or Buddha Day. During this very peaceful workshop the children get to experience meditation and learn how to focus the mind on a single point.  They also learn about mindfulness and the four noble truths taught by the Buddha.  We usually end the session with a costume dressup and enactment of the life of the Buddha.  This is a workshop that is especially enjoyed by the teachers who get a bit of chill out time which tends to rejuvenate their energies.


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DIWALI Festival of Lights 

WESAK Buddha Day and 

 are popular celebrations 

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