Buddhism Hinduism and Sikhism Workshop
Buddhism Hinduism and Sikhism Workshop 

                      Hinduism Artefacts


  £9.50 One Set

Dandyia Sticks

  £1.95 One Pair

Diya Light Holders

      £1.45 Each

Ankle Bells

   £6.95 One Set

 Incense    Holder

     £2.95 Each

Incense Box Holder close

     £5.95 Each

Incense Box Holder open


 Chamara    Yak Tail

     £8.95 Each

                  The incense box holders are the same, they open and close.



The Heart of Hinduism resource pack for Primary and Secondary schools provides an ideal introduction to Hinduism.  It contains:

  • Over twenty pictures with bullet point info on the reverse side
  • Several lesson templates
  • CD ROM
  • CD Audio of sounds from India,
  • Large book of information
  • User manual 

This unique resource item will support all your Hinduism RE lessons.



Cost: £59.99

    Dolak Drum              28" x 9"


   Damaru Drum              9" x 4"


    Small Drum                20" x 6"


                     Assorted High Quality Incense Packs 

                        £8.95 30gms pack of 30 - £4.95 15gms pack of 15 

                      Prayer Shawls - Hari Nam Chadars

                                            £11.95 Each or £49.95 for 5

       The Hindu Bible




Changing Colour Rings

          £22.99 Box of Twelve




On a tight budget this year?  Can't afford the coach to visit a Temple, Church or Gurudwara?

Do you have all the risk assessments, coach hire, parent letters and tricky logistics to deal with?

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DIWALI Festival of Lights 

WESAK Buddha Day and 

 are popular celebrations 

 in Autumn and Spring.   Visit Our Buddhism For Schools Website Now...

 "Discovering The Oneness

       Of Purpose Within

           All Religions"

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