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Secondary School Modules

Goddess Laxmi


The goddess Laxmi is often worshiped during the Maha Laxmi Puja, which is a ceremony performed during the Diwali festival. She is the revered consort of the four armed Narayana or Vishnu. Laxmi Ma bestows wealth and good fortune upon her many worshipers. She is famed for her kindness and beauty. 

      War of Three Worlds


In this workshop 6th formers enjoy a dressup and enage in a famous inter-galactic battle between the demigods and the demons or the suras and asuras.  The demigods are said to reside in the upper planetary system and the demon asuras in the lower planets, called Bilasvarg, Rasatala and Talatala.  Guess who's dressed up in the middle dressed as Lord Brahma?  That's right, it's the form teacher who just couldn't resist joining in with the students for all the fun learning action.



        Indian Vegetarian                     Food Workshop

This workshop is so much fun and very interesting as well.  Many students and teaching staff may not be aware of just how much variety of food can be prepared from vegetarian recipies.  Hundreds of rice, curry, lentil, bread, sweet and savoury dishes are displayed in this workshop. All the spices and system of spicing food is explained along with their different health benefits.


Goddess Sarasvati


This young lady was dressed up as the very intelligent and multi talented goddess Sarasvati who is the divine consort of Lord Brahma, pictured in the middle of the top centred picture. Brahma is one of the Tri Murti or three most important Hindu functionary deities. 

Hindu Mock Wedding

The Hindu mock wedding is very popular in secondary schools.  Students experience all the colour and fun of a Hindu wedding.  A bride and groom are chosen by the teacher. The rest of the class role play as best man, brides maids, family &  friends.  It is a very colourful and exciting real life experience for both students and staff.  Girls get to wear sarees and the bride wears a red/gold wedding  saree.  Click on the photo to see some video footage from a primary school mock Hindu wedding.




                                                     Mehndi Art - Using Henna

Mehndi art using the henna herb is an ancient form of temporary tatoo art practiced in India, Persia and Egypt for thousands of years.  In this workshop we help students develop their own designs on paper and then get them to work on each others hands, arms, ankles and feet.  Or if it is too difficut, they can create a desing and Kavita will bring it to henna life.  Boys and girls enjoy this enterprising workshop with some amazing results at the end of the session.


Note:  We only use high quality henna products that are 100% natural and have No chemical content.






These children from a school in Dublin are presented as the Supreme Godhead Vishnu who is accompanied by the personification of his inferior material energy, goddess Durga or Shakti.  The class learn how Hindus believe everything has a personal existence, even rivers and plants, what to speak of animals, birds and other creatures. This is how we teach the principle of ahimsa or non violence.


Rites of Passage Discussion


Kavita is displaying to the students a structure of how the Vedic Varnashram system works and how the present caste system is a watered down version of the original social system practiced in ancient India thousands of years ago.  She also discussed karma, artha, kama and moksha along with the ten rites of passage known as Vedic Samskaras.



We encourage extra group discussions and ask for challenging questions.  The more students use their brain by thinking up good questions, to ask the speakers, the more stronger and profound the brain. Questions like, "Why is there suffering in the world?" and "Why do we exist in the first place?" are commonly asked. s Of course, they are answered in a logical manner too.

Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking Workshop:

This Secondary school session, also known as Nyaya (Method of thinking), is comprised of three elements:

1.  Curiosity: (Jijnasu), an inherent nature common to humans and even to the lower species.  This natural phenomena is ultimately meant to lead one to research into the purpose of existence.  Athato brahma jijnasa, "Now (that I am a human), is time to enquire into the Absolute Truth".  (Vedanta Sutra 1.1)

2.  Skeptisism: (Pariprashna), having a healthy questioning attitude and not blindly believing everything everyone tells you.  This part of the lesson teaches us how there is a difference between submissive questioningand egotistic challenging. This is an art which is tempered by the third element.

3.  Humility: (Dhainya), is the key too unlocking the door of understanding things as they are, rather than as we interpret them to be through the fickle mind and imperfect senses.  The Vedic antonym of humility is 'Atmavan manyate jagat' - 'One sees all other like oneself'.



Study Time

After the initial fun learning workshops are completed, the secondary students are invited to break into smaller groups in order to understand more abstract concepts, like the life force (prana), living entity (atman), liberation from the bondage of karma (moksha) etc.  Additional discussion may also include understanding the various schools of thought within the Hindu and Buddhist philosophies. 


Time is allowed for each group to ask many questions and discuss the subject matter in detail.  The wokrshops are tailored to meet the needs of your students, whether they require a general introduction to the subject or a more rigorous preparation for GCSEs or A-Levels.  In either case, an experiential approach is maintained throughout the presentation.




Workshop Capacity:  The average attendance for a whole day workshop on Hinduism or Buddhsim is 150 students, though we can accomodate up to 240 students in shorter sessions.

DEMO - How to put on a beautiful Indian saree


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WESAK Festival

is a very popular celebration in the Winter term.  


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