Buddhism Hinduism and Sikhism Workshop
Buddhism Hinduism and Sikhism Workshop 

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"What we learn with pleasure we will never forget." 

Charles Mercier 1851 - 1919


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  Dance   Music

 Henna  Mehndi

 Temple Display

       Namaste - Welcome  

 Diwali Festival


 Mock Wedding

    Holy Places



    Buddhism Modules


     Hinduism Modules


      Sikhism Modules

This year 5 pupil is dressed as the powerful Hindu goddess Durga.

A Typical Hindu Diwali Workshop:

  • Special story of Sita and Ram
  • Brief introduction to Hinduism
  • Diwalli dance of lights
  • Indian village life module
  • Navratri Durga puja dance
  • Overview of customs and religious symbols
  • The holy cow and vegetarianism explained
  • Reincarnation and karma explained
  • Children acting out the story of Diwali (under our guidance)
  • A three tierd display of a Hindu Temple in the school
  • The purpose of the Hindu Temple
  • Dressing up and acting as a Hindu priest 
  • What am I and Who am I game
  • Competitions and prizes





Interactive Workshop:
BHS Educational Workshops supplies Buddhism, Hinduism and Sikhism presentations to schools throughout UK and Ireland.  We provide a varied selection of interactive R.E. lessons supported by a wide range of props, artefacts and costumes for children of all ages and abilities.

The workshop includes meditation, drama, dance, meditation, henna body art,dressing up as Hindu gods and goddesses, playing musical instruments, Indian vegetarian quisine, sessions and dressing up as Sikhs and Buddhists.

Each module contains a basic understanding of theistic beliefs and cultural traditions. Sessions also include role playing characters from popular historical stories.  For school feedback on their website for a Sikh Workshop please click on this link.


BHS EW are an easy learning RE and Multicultural learning service for schools.  Hundreds of schools in the UK and Ireland have enjoyed our presentions on Hinduism, Buddhism and Sikhism.  

R.E. Workshops:
All the Religious Education workshops are in line with the National Curriculum and the Curriculum for Excellence in Scotland.   Our attention to service and detail has made us an industry leader.  We offer  you a wide range of activities that include the major Hindu,  Buddhist and Sikh festivals like Diwali, Vaisakhi and Wesak.   We're also able to provide workshops on Jainism for schools covering this subject within their curriculum.   Our workshop content is monitered and standardised via ISKCON.

All lessons contain aspects of  academic subjects such as maths, history, geography, linguistics, ecology and science.  Head teachers and RE co ordinators from many schools have appreciated the unique style in which BHS lessons are delivered along with beautiful music and the aroma of quality incense.
We accomodate up to 300 pupils in early years, primary, secondary and special needs schools.  If you require assistance, our qualified staff will provide you with their support and expert guidance.  


You are visitor number...


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DIWALI Festival of Lights 

WESAK Buddha Day and 

 are popular celebrations 

 in Autumn and Spring.   Visit Our Buddhism For Schools Website Now...

 "Discovering The Oneness

       Of Purpose Within

           All Religions"

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