Buddhism Hinduism and Sikhism For Schools
Buddhism Hinduism and Sikhism For Schools 

Special Needs Modules

Is this the Statue of Liberty?


This young lady had a great time dressing up as the Hindu goddess Durga Devi.  She found it very easy to play her part and enjoyed every minute of  it.


Dressed up and having a Wonderful Time!"


When we arrived at this Special Needs Villa Real school in Consett, the children could not wait to get involved.  We were so pleased to see their raw enthusiasm and interest in our displays and paraphernalias. We were rebooked to visit again for the next Spring and hope to visit again during our Diwali workshops later this year.


Playing the bad guy and loving it!


Playing the demon or baddie is often the most popular role and it certainly was for this super dynamic actor from Ochil Tower school in Perthshire.

SEN teacher Gerusa De Costa says...

    Ochil Tower is a Rudolph Steiner school in Perthshire. 


On a tight budget?  

Can't afford to visit a Temple or Gurudwara?  

Do you have the coach hire, parent letters, risk assessments, and tricky logistics to deal with???


Why not have us come to your school and cut costs by up to 70% and say Goodbye to all the headaches, letter writing and reduce those risks!" 

 DIWALII  Festival

is a popular celebration 

 in Autumn and Winter.   Visit Our Buddhism For Schools Website Now...


  GOD IS FOR EVERYONE!  "Discovering The Oneness

       Of Purpose Within 

  All Faiths and Cultures!"

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