Buddhism Hinduism and Sikhism For Schools
Buddhism Hinduism and Sikhism For Schools 

        Early Years and Reception Modules

Workshop Content

Here is a list of some activities we share with pre-school and reception children: 

  • Role Play
  • Story Telling
  • Competitions
  • Face and Hand Painting
  • Ganesh Dance
  • Dressing Up
  • Tactile Activites
  • Playing Indian Musical Instriments
  • Movement and Dancing
  • Pictorial Lessons
  • Imitating Animal Noises
  • Understanding the World and Ourselves 


Below are typical examples of how the children get dressed up and engage in kinesthetic activities.

Role Playing Famous Characters



This reception child is dressed as one of the characters from our Sikh Diwali workshop.  Guru Nanak was born into a pious family and is the founding father of the Sikh religion.  He is quite different from the later Sikh gurus in that he was more like sadhu or holy man rather than a warrior. Upon seeing the gross injustices in the local Hindu and Muslim religions, Guru Nanak attempted to take the best of both religious paths and form Sikhism.

  Dolled Up


These children got dressed up at a school in Scotland and had a great time playing parts in a Diwali festival of colours story.


    Fun Dressups for Kids


Young children dress up and enact the story of Diwali under our guidance and learn how good always triumphs over evil. Dressing up is a part of growing up and early years children love to get involved in all the activities. Teachers and carers also enjoy getting dressed up, so no-one is left out when we come to your establishment.



Touch and Go....


There are many artefacts for the children to touch, hold, blow and bang on.  All the various items used in our workshops are from India.



Younger children absolutely love taking part in the stories and the rest of the children equally enjoy watching and listening to the story too.  Why not treat your early years to the time of their lives and book us in for a trial taster session.  It doesn't cost much and the benefits are great!


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Do you have the coach hire, parent letters, risk assessments, and tricky logistics to deal with???


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WESAK Festival

is a very popular celebration in the Winter term.  


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