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Rangoli Patterns to Colour Yourself

Here's where you can choose  your favourite rangoli designs for our Spring 2015 competition and colour them in.  We have provided you with colour templates to help you to colour the printed ones.  Just left click and they will expand.  


As this site hasn't a 'Ready to Print' facility, this is how to print off in 5 easy steps:

  • Left click on Image  
  • Right click and choose Print
  • Choose the same image from the page and left Click
  • Right click and choose Print
  • Print off your own rangoli pattern and colour it in... Enjoy!

Typical Colourful Rangoli Template Designs

A nice website for learning more about mainstream Vaishnava Hinduism can be found on Radha Name.


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WESAK Festival

is a very popular celebration in the Winter term.  


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