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Buddhism Hinduism and Sikhism For Schools 

INSET and Initial Teacher Training






INSET workshops can be arranged at short notice if requested, but we will need at least ten days notice in order to fit you into our schedule.  FLIW INSET courses are tailor made for your specific needs and last between 2 hour up to two days.  We can provide twilight sessions and offer our services to schools, local authorieites ans other RE bodies and networks.


Main Aims of our INSET:

  • To obtain sufficient subject knowledge and glean deeper insight into the traddition
  • Stimulating methods to teach about Hinduism or Buddhism
  • Books and artefacts to look at and possibly purchase  


Our course tutors are familiar with the educational world having taught in schools and understand the many challenges faced by R.E. teachers and non R.E. teachers alike.


Our ITT Courses are also tailor made and especially relevant to students in Religious Education.  They help teaachers make a sound start to a rewarding and perhaps challenging career.

In delivering ITT, our main aim is to enhance student confidence and creativity as follows:

  • Augmenting subject knowledge of the culture and vatious traditions
  • Explore exciting and interesting ways to teach the subject
  • Recommending lituratures and artefacts to support effective teaching techniques


FLIW staff are all spiritual practioners and experienced with Oriental and Occidental cultures



A typical INSET or ITT session will include the following five elements as categorised below:

1. What is Hinduism and the different main denominations?


2. Concept of the Atman (the soul): who am I? What is the real self?

Atman refers to the non-material self, which never changes. The notion of the unchanging self and the ultimate need for self-realization are at the root of Hindu attitudes toward many important issues: respect for life, tolerance (of duality), patience, forbearance, empathy and compassion for others, wealth and poverty.


3. The Reincarnation and samsara: what happens after death, before birth?

The real self (atman) remains unchanged throughout life, it likewise continues after death. This soul is carried within the subtle (astral) body to its next destination.Samsara refers to the process of passing from one body to another throughout all the species of life.


4. The law of karma: why we are suffering?

The universal low of karma (action and reaction) determines each soul’s unique destiny.


5. Life style: the expressions of spirituality that influences everyday life.

Symbols, dress, music, food. Japa/meditation/ prayer: japa refers to the quiet or silent recitation of a mantra, which is generally performed on a mala (a string of 108 beads).

In this video you will find how teachers react to an INSET session at our affiliated Hindu temple in London.


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